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4 Simple Tips for Spreading the Love

We’re committed to empowering women to lift each other up. This week, we’ll be sharing the stories that inspire us to give love, as well as tips and advice for showing appreciation and support to your nearest and dearest. Our aim is to inspire our incredible community to show love to everyone in their lives, especially to those who need it most right now...


With all that said, we've rounded up a few of the ways we'll be choosing to give love to our closest ones this week. We challenge you to complete all four!

1. Write a Note

Write your loved one a special note. It doesn't matter if it's handwritten, an email or a simple text. Just putting in the time and thought to say you care is more than enough -- believe us!


There's nothing that warms the heart faster than receiving a message from an old friend or a relative letting you know they're thinking of you. So why not be that person for someone you care for?

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2. Send a Gift

To those whose love language is receiving gifts, we feel you. While gifting is by no means the only way to show appreciation, it never hurts to send a little surprise to someone that needs it. Maybe your BFF just had a baby and could use a little pick-me-up. Or perhaps your sister has been telling you how run down she's been feeling lately. No need to spend a fortune, something as simple as a box of chocolates or a bottle of their favourite Chardonnay can really boost their mood.

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3. Do a Favour Unprompted

Giving your time to a loved one is a great way to show your love at no cost. Helping someone out without their asking is one of the sweetest gifts you can give. Ask your loved ones what you can do for them, be it running errands, dropping off food, or helping them with a large task, you'll feel great giving your energy to someone else and the favour will come back to you in some form -- we promise! An act of genuine kindness goes so far and these days more than ever, we can all use a little extra support.

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4. Pay it Forward

Perhaps one of the sweetest ways you can spread love is by doing a selfless act of kindness for a complete stranger. This can include things like paying for someone's coffee behind you in line, helping your neighbour with their groceries or even just holding the door open for someone when you don't have to. The entire purpose of this is to encourage the spread of acts of kindness and stimulate a domino effect. Kindness carries and one simple act can inspire many others to do the same.

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