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Rediscover Your Space with Organization Pro, Megan Arthurs

For pro organizer, Megan Arthurs of H:OM Organizing, cleaning isn't the only practice she recommends for optimal mental clarity. Below, Arthurs teaches us the effective tool of clutter clearing and shares the best spaces at home to get started.

For the past year, many homeowners have been forced to make their homes work harder than ever. With additional time spent inside, you may be experiencing an influx of ‘stuff’ and wondering where it all came from. Megan offers her insight on a highly effective tool that will actually create brighter and lighter living for you and your home – Clutter Clearing.

What is Clutter?

Clutter is anything in the way of your purpose or destiny. Anything blocking you from feeling your best or clogging your energy. Clutter can be in the physical, emotional, or digital form. It is an accumulation of things you don’t love or use. Each room in your home and each item in the room holds a particular amount of energy which has a direct correlation to how you feel and how you show up in this world. Our environment can either provide us with high, motivating, peaceful, and calm energy or drain us from it. This is why clutter clearing is so critical because it creates space in your life for things you truly desire; adventure, happiness, love, peace, etc. The practice of clutter clearing is to go through every item in your home and decide if it is an item that brings you high energy and is something you love and use. If items do not fall into those categories you may want to explore donating or giving to a friend. This is a way to create a sanctuary in your home, a space of high vibration and clearing out anything that blocks you from experiencing precious moments in life.

Where Do I Start?

High traffic areas in your home are a great place to start clearing as they need extra attention and care to truly create a space where you feel your absolute best. These areas include; master bedroom, main closet, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.

Before you dive into these 5 spaces, it is important to set an intention. An intention to step into the clarity of who you are. What’s cluttering your life that prevents you from being present? Do your objects propel you toward your goals or hold you back? Who do you want to become? Answering these questions will guide you in clearing the clutter and help you spring into this new season of change and growth. What you’ll soon notice is when you shift your stuff, you shift your life!


This is an intimate space and it reflects your innermost being. You want to wake up feeling rested, energized, and filled with joy. Your bedroom should have you feeling loving energy in all of your intimate relationships, especially the one with yourself. When you clear this space, your self-esteem and self-worth increases, ease and love flow into your relationships and your vitality and energy expand.

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Closets that contain clothes and shoes carry the energy of the face that you present to the world. Do all of your clothes make you feel good about yourself? Do your outfits reflect who you are and who you desire to be? What do you think other people will think about you when you wear your outfits? Often what we believe others will think about us reflects our internal judgments about ourselves. When you clear this space, you will feel comfortable in how you present yourself to the world. Clutter clearing your closet will make you feel empowered by what you wear and have you loving and cherishing yourself.

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The bathroom is a cleansing space that represents healing. If your bathroom is dirty and dingy, you are sending bad messages to your energy field. This space is also very intimate and it reflects health, renewal, and replenishment. When you clutter clear your bathroom, you will feel healthy, strong, and vital. This space also represents situations, relationships, and things in your life that you need to release. Ask yourself if you need every pill, mineral, and vitamin in your bathroom. Do you use every cosmetic and beauty product, and are any of them expired? When you clear this space, you will feel healthier, balanced, and clear. You will release what you no longer need in your life.

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The kitchen represents health, vitality, prosperity, and what you manifest and desire in life. Kitchen clutter reflects your finances and prosperity as well as your energy levels. You may want to ask yourself if you love everything in your kitchen and if all of your items are organized so you can easily find them. Once you clutter clear your kitchen, you will feel healthier and more vital. You will become more abundant and will be able to clearly create the life of your dreams.

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The living room is symbolic of your family, friends, and relationships. It is a space that represents community and communication. Take a look around at the items in your living room, you may see books, magazines, DVDs, throw blankets, toys, baskets, cords and cables, paperwork and projects, etc. If these items expand your energy, keep them, dust them off, let them keep you connected to your family. However, if items are stagnant, bothersome, and not in use, evaluate if they belong in your living room. Once you clutter clear in the living room, you will feel contentment and connection in the relationships in your life. You will feel energized, refreshed, and joyful.

As you clutter clear it is important to remember that when you let items go because you no longer use or love them, you can still hold onto the energy and memory of the item without the physicality of it. By no means should you feel added stress when tackling your spaces. The objective of clutter clearing is to create more space in your life for the things you love and the person you want to be, not to add more stress to your day. Take clutter clearing slow, as this process tends to bring up many emotions and memories – this is completely normal! Lastly, remember that clutter in one area of your home may not be clutter in another area. You may need to move items around until they find a happy home in your house. Clutter clearing is not just about having a neater home, it’s about influencing the energy in your home to uplift you and your life.

Need an extra helping hand with decluttering and organization? Check out H:OM ORGANIZING for more helpful tips, information and to explore Megan's services.

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