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The KIP. Female Founder Series

How Kavita Kapil Built Her Own Creative Agency After a Successful Career in Corporate Fashion

Welcome back to our Female Founder Series! We’re so excited to be celebrating the launch of our Silk Collection by highlighting four fearless entrepreneurs who inspire us.

Today, we’re so excited to be introducing the KIP. Community to Kavita Kapil, founder of Dezeynne Studio!


Dezeynne Studio is a creative agency that specializes in creative direction and branding for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Dezeynne focuses on creative story-telling and contemporary design aesthetics for brands looking to build an online presence. They also offer a chic rental space for creatives and individuals looking to promote their brand through photography and video content.

We love how Dezeynne combines both the creative strategy and the space to help bring business’ creative visions to life!

Dezeynne founder, Kavita Kapil, started her career journey as a Web Designer at Hudson’s Bay after graduating university. This is where Kavita fell in love with the fashion, beauty, and design space. Unfortunately, after a few years, Kavita and her team were laid off due to an acquisition. However, Kavita attributes her lay off to being the best thing that has ever happened to her, and in fact, as the catalyst to her starting her own business.


After the lay off, Kavita worked in e-commerce for a few larger companies, and realized she needed to be in a career that helped to fuel her passion for creativity and design. She saw how powerful the tool of marketing design was, and how it impacted sales on a global level. Kavita wanted to take that knowledge and experience and help as many businesses as she could.

In 2017, Kavita took that fearless leap of faith, and founded Dezeynne Studio!

We sat down with Kavita to learn more about how motivation for being an entrepreneur, and what practices she uses to #investinrest.


Being an entrepreneur can be a difficult journey. What keeps you motivated?

I’m so grateful to be doing something that I love. Doing design and anything creative - truly motivates me. I’m constantly inspired by everyone around me and everything they create. I absolutely love what I do because I not only get to work in a space that involves all of my passions, but I also get to help be a part of the process of building and growing other entrepreneur's brands/businesses. It's such a fulfilling and rewarding feeling!

What do you do to ensure that you are the best version of yourself?

There are a few things that I like to prioritize to help calm and centre me throughout my day. One of the most important things for me is exercise and movement. Any time I’m feeling stressed out, or frustrated by something that happens in the day, I make sure to exercise or move my body in some way. Another self care ritual I have is changing into my pajamas and reading a book. It really helps to ease and calm my mind, so I can let the creativity flow!


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Have a special woman in your life that you'd like to give back to?

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They’ll be entered for a chance to win a pair of pajamas from our collection!

Nominations will be accepted throughout September 14-17th. Send us an email at or a direct message on Instagram @kip_sleepwear. 


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