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Founders We Fancy: Jessica and Tran of BeWea

Welcome to Founders We Fancy, a series where we feature the female-identifying founders and leaders who inspire us. Part of our commitment to helping women find rest includes lifting each other up by promoting other female-founded businesses. This week in particular, we're more focused than ever on the ways we can show gratitude and appreciation to the women we love. We’re so excited to be doing our first double-founder-feature with Jessica and Tran, co-founders of eco-focused lifestyle brand, BeWea. We chatted with Jessica and Tran about their outlook on running a business in 2021, the ways they love to unwind, and the things they're most grateful for.

Get To Know Me:

1. Name, Location, and Occupation:

Jessica: Jessica Teper, Richmond Hill; Co-Founder of BeWea

Tran: Tran Pham, Toronto / Miami and Co-founder of BeWea

2. Current Beauty/Wellness/Self-Care Obsession(s):


  • I love all natural oils like Jojoba oil for my face and body.
  • I take a lot Vitamin D, especially during these gloomy winter days
  • My true obsession is plants! So calming and the easiest way to decorate anytime of year.


  • End of day baths
  • Spotify meditation podcasts
  • Essential oils
  • Clean skin care (Green Envee).

3. We started our business because:


1. In our terribly wasteful 'fast everything' world, we wanted to find a way to help take the guesswork out of making more conscious purchasing decisions.

2. There are so many incredible Canadian conscious brands offering both sustainable and aesthetically beautiful products that just don't get nearly the awareness or attention they deserve.


I hate waste, but more so I love to truly believe in the products and things I’m buying. There is so much made for consumers to forfeit their hard earned dollars towards and a lot of it seeds big corps, unethical organizations and populates wastelands with more unnecessary garbage.

4. I Unwind With:


Lighting a few soy candles, a glass of red wine and watching Schitt's Creek with my husband, Alex.


Taking a bath, turning on my diffuser with a book, or a good drive blasting my favorite songs for a solo session of carpool karaoke (featuring yours truly).

Photo courtesy of: BeWea

5. I’m Most Passionate About:


I'm passionate about finding creative ways to partner with and raise funds for charities and NGO's both in my own Toronto community and also globally. One of my favourite things about BeWea is that we get to work alongside so many likeminded brands that design products that are better for our planet, and also give back portions of their profits to amazing causes. A few causes close to my own heart include fighting global poverty and supporting women in crisis.


People, I’m obsessed with remembering people's astrological charts and more so about their personal stories.


Premium Cotton Short Set in Champagne


6. What it means to be a woman
in business in 2021:


Exchanging resources, collaborating on ideas and offering up opportunities to the women in our networks is vital to the successes and growth of our all our businesses. Since the launch of our marketplace, we've been overwhelmed with how quickly and generously women business leaders have been in offering their support, expertise and encouragement. The sisterhood is strong.  


I hope it means shading in a lot of uncoloured parts to complete the picture for women. Our business is dedicated to thriving for the end goal to create more roles for women in the professional world as well as to support and veraciously amplify minority owned businesses and women owned businesses--period.

7. I'm Most Grateful For:


I'm so grateful to be working on a business that I love with an amazing business partner, work-wife and friend. Waking up and being excited about 'work' is such a rare thing. I'm also incredibly thankful for the close friends and family I have in my life - the past few years have definitely drilled in just how fragile life is, and I've been blessed to be surrounded by some seriously supportive and loving humans.


Everything, I feel the energies of our partnerships with charisma and excitement for how things will grow for each of us respectfully, I am blessed for my family, the health of ones I love and my own health God willing- we all make it out of this time alive and mentally stronger for it!

Rapid-fire Questions:


  1. Cooking at home or ordering in: Ordering in for sure. Unlike my business partner Tran, my cooking skills are little lacking.
  2. When I sleep: Silent & dark all the way.
  3. I wake up every morning with: A hot water with lemon while catching up on emails.
  4. I feel most rejuvenated after: a full night’s sleep.


  1. Cooking at home or ordering in: cooking at home.
  2. When I sleep: silent & dark or noise machine & night light. TV in the background (KUWTK actually turns off my brain).
  3. I wake up every morning with: Meditational podcast, intermittent fasting, broken with tea latte (seldom coffee).
  4. I feel most rejuvenated after: a full night’s sleep or a day spent with my partner/family.

You can follow BeWea on Instagram @beweaofficial and shop their Premium Cotton Short Sets here.


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