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Founders We Fancy: Amanda Baker

Welcome to Founders We Fancy, a series where we feature the female-identifying founders and leaders who inspire us. Part of our commitment to helping women find rest includes lifting each other up by promoting other female-founded businesses. Today we're catching up with Amanda Baker, COO of Tease tea and Founders Fund, a digital growth accelerator which helps support under represented, women founders. Alongside working with Tease Tea to develop our incredible new Sereni(tea) herbal tea, we had the chance to get to know Amanda as well. Read through to learn more about Amanda and her fave self care habits!

Get To Know Me:

1. Name, Location, and Occupation:

Amanda Baker, Ottawa, Chief Operating Officer of Tease Tea & Founders Fund.

2. Current Beauty/Wellness/Self-Care Obsession(s):

Gua Sha (traditional Eastern Asian practice of facial massage for detoxifying and releasing tension), and anti inflammatory tea blends (like Turmeric Tonic!)

3. I Like to Spend My Free Time:

Creating beautiful local meals. Very into fresh mint and fennel combo right now.

4. I Unwind With:

Chess. My most recent hobby (thanks, Queen's Gambit!) and favourite way to unwind.

5. I’m Most Passionate About:

Making socially conscious business the standard. The world of commerce is changing and with it the ethical, social and environmental expectations from consumers and stakeholders. I'm incredibly grateful to be building two companies that are continually evolving to serve our communities beyond traditional business.


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Rapid-fire Questions:

1. Night out with girlfriends or night in with myself:

Night in with myself (FaceTime cameos by girlfriends welcome).

2. When I sleep: silent & dark or noise machine & night light:

Silent & dark.

3. I wake up every morning with: a very strong coffee or a morning meditation:


4. I feel most rejuvenated after: a full night’s sleep or a day spent with my partner/family:

A full nights sleep (team introvert).

Sereni(tea) Herbal Tea


You can follow Tease Tea on Instagram @tease_tea and Founders Fund @Thefoundersfund.

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