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An Upgraded Morning Routine For Mental Well-being

Most of us have some semblance of a morning routine. Whether you're a straight out-of-bed and into the gym kind of gal or a prefer a slower start, you probably have some sort of ritual for starting your day. At KIP., we believe that every morning presents the opportunity for growth and renewal. We often emphasize the importance of investing in rest and finding an evening routine that optimizes relaxation. On the other hand, setting ourselves up in the morning for a productive and creative day. In this article, our founder, Natalie Marshall shares her morning. routine for mental clarity and productivity with us

1. Lemon Water

It's no secret that rehydrating after a long slumber is essential. Adding fresh lemon juice to your morning glass can aid in digestion thanks to it's naturally acidic ph balance, plus it's a great way to sneak in some more vitamin C. While a glass of cold water first thing in the morning is certainly refreshing, Nat prefers her water warm as the temperature is more soothing on the stomach first thing in the AM.

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2. 30 Minutes of Reading

If you're a morning social scroller and looking to stop, reading an informative non-fiction novel first thing can be a great replacement. Spending your first few morning minutes being stimulated by news, photos, and videos isn't great for our mental states. Reading to open the mind or taking a few minutes to journal in the morning will set your mindset up much better for your day ahead.

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3. Morning Meditation

Following her morning reading sesh, Nat tunes into one of Melissa Wood's guided meditation videos on the Melissa Wood Health Method streaming service. A regular meditation practice has been shown to improve mental well-being in various areas. To read more about the numerous benefits of a regular meditation practice, click here for more information from the Mayo Clinic.

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4. Walking the Pups

There is nothing quite like getting your body moving early in the morning. Waking up stiff joints and muscles is a great way to kick start your circulation, helping your body wake up the right way. Lots of us with furry friends know how essential it is to engage with them first thing and Natalie's adorable French bulldogs, Stella and Alife make no exception. Walking these two troublemakers makes getting up and at 'em both fun and easy every day.

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