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Founders We Fancy: Siffat Haider

Welcome to Founders We Fancy, a series where we feature the female-identifying founders and leaders who inspire us. Part of our commitment to helping women find rest includes lifting each other up by promoting other female-founded businesses. We caught up with Siffat Haider, the co-founder and trail blazer behind prominent beauty/wellness supplement brand, Arrae. Our team is totally obsessed with their 'Bloat' supplements and even more obsessed with Siffat's dreamy Instagram feed. Read through below to learn more about Siffat's wellness and wind-down routine!

Get To Know Me:

1. Name, Location, and Occupation:

Siffat Haider, Co-Founder & CEO of Arrae.

2. Current Beauty/Wellness/Self-Care Obsession(s):

In terms of beauty, I can't get enough of the Coola Sun Silk Drops - it makes my skin so dewy while protecting me against the sun, it's a dream.

Arrae Calm Capsules have been getting me through the holiday madness - I take them in the morning to ease my anxiety.

In terms of self-care, I like to read a lot and have been really enjoying a book called Lifespan, Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To by David A. Sinclair.

3. I Like to Spend My Free Time:

On Pinterest planning my next trip or outfit; or reading books on wellness.

4. I Unwind With:

A great meal with my Co-Founder & husband, Nish.

5. I’m Most Passionate About:

Helping women feel their best. It's the reason why we started Arrae, and why I started my blog, Icing & Glitter prior to that.


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Rapid-fire Questions:

1. Night out with girlfriends or night in with myself:

Night in with my girlfriends lol! Best of both worlds.

2. When I sleep: silent & dark or noise machine & night light:

Silent & dark.

3. I wake up every morning with: a very strong coffee or a morning meditation:

Both are non-negotiables for me.

4. I feel most rejuvenated after: a full night’s sleep or a day spent with my partner/family:

Probably a full night's sleep. I don't think I'm the most fun person when I'm sleep deprived and exhausted, and I believe in showing up for myself in order to show up as the best version of myself for others.


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You can follow Siffat on Instagram @siffhaider and Arrae

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