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While we love getting ready to take on a new day, there's truly no better feeling than unwinding at the end of a long day and starting our evening routines. 

In addition to helping us wake up a little glow-ier, a comprehensive nighttime skincare routine helps us to unwind and (literally) peel the day off. We asked Dermalogica National Account Instructor, Brooke Anderson to share her nighttime skin ritual with us to ensure we're covering all our bases. Here's her 7-step night-time routine for total skin rejuvenation: 

Step 1: Pre-cleanse

The pre-cleanse step removes all the dirt, makeup or any debris left over from the day. Brooke recommends applying a pre-cleanser to dry skin, massaging in, then adding water and finally, rinsing.

Step 2: Cleanse

The second cleanse is important for detoxifying and purifying the skin so that its really as clean as it can be. This step is simple, just foam up your cleanser with some water, lather on the face, and rinse.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliating is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine. Once the skin is clean and prepped, its time to polish the skin to remove any dead cells and allow the products in the next steps really work their magic after they've been applied. Brooke recommends trying a combination physical and chemical exfoliant, working into the skin for a few minutes for best results. Pro tip: try gently exfoliating under the eyes to banish milia (tiny white bumps under the eyes).

Step 4: Tone

Now its time to layer on the topical products that will aid in regenerating the skin's texture overnight. Toning the skin is an important step for shielding the skin form stressors that can cause irritation and premature aging. Spray your face evenly with toner and allow to air dry before moving on.

Step 5: Super Serum

If you're really looking for that boost in your every day glow, this could be the step you're missing out on. Brooke suggests using a high-quality serum all over the face post-exfoliation to achieve optimal results. Her super serum of choice, Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil uses a combination of retinol and salicylic acid in an oil base to reduce fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, signs of aging, and breakouts -- all while keeping the skin moisturized. 

Step 6: Attend to the Eyes

No matter your age, attending the skin around your eyes is a must. Brooke explains the skin around the eye area is around ten times more delicate as the rest of the face, meaning it requires very special and gentle attention. She advocates for an eye cream formulated with retinol to help smooth texture, diminish dark circles, correct signs of aging and prevent future damage. A grain of rice sized amount is all you need; distribute evenly around the orbital bones and eye area using your ring finger.

Step 7: Lock in Moisture

We've reached the final step of our skincare ritual! It's now time to lock in all the hard work we just did with a hydrating night-time moisturizer. Slather on a generous amount and work evenly into the skin for to hydrate and allow the skin to repair itself as you rest. 

You can view Brooke's full nighttime skincare routine and shop her pajama set here



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