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We at KIP. know the importance of investing in rest. Having a restful 8 hours greatly impacts the quality of our lives; from our daily attitudes to our weight and even the health of our skin. Many of us may be enduring more stress or anxiety than usual these days, which may keep us up long past our bedtimes. Our commitment to helping women find rest starts with developing a healthy nighttime routine, enabling a restorative night’s sleep on even the most stressful of days.


to share some of her best practices, in addition to some of our own tips for a better night’s sleep. If you struggle falling or staying asleep at night, try incorporating some (or all) of these tips into your


Lauren recommends turning off cellphones, laptops and TV screens at least 2 hours before bedtime. Spending too much time looking at screens can have Negative effects on our ability to produce melatonin, an important hormone for sleep. Research also suggests that excessive exposure to the light from screens reduces our ability to fall asleep, disrupts REM sleep and can inhibit brain-alertness the next day -- no, thank you! If you really can’t part with your screen for whichever reason, Lauren recommends wearing blue-light blocking eye glasses to reduce eyestrain. We also love wearing sleep masks to block out any sliver of potentially disruptive light.


Setting aside time to gently move your body before bed helps to relax the nervous system and calmly prep the body for sleep. Plus, it feels amazing. Try incorporating stretching, foam rolling, self-massage or even gentle yoga into your routine for maximum relaxation. Lauren has developed her own line of foam rollers and other tension-relieving tools which work wonders on the body. Her rolling routine videos are a great place to start if you’re new to the practice.


What you wear to bed actually impacts the quality of your rest. The Alaska Sleep Clinic recommends wearing loose-fitting garments made of 100% cotton as the best option for sleep. They insist natural fibres are the least likely to cause skin irritations or rashes. Our premium cotton pyjama sets are great for restless sleepers and those with sensitiie skin. The comfortable fit allows for a great range of motion and the 100%.

Turkish Cotton ensures your skin stays happy and healthy all night long.

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Regular journaling has been touted by mental health pros for years as an effective (and free) way to release tension from the mind. The University of Rochester Medical Center suggests that journaling can help manage anxiety, reduce stress and assist in dealing with depression. Experts recommend journaling as a way to purge negative feelings and emotions brought on by a bad day, or during a difficult time. Next time you feel negative thoughts creeping in as you fall asleep, try setting a timer for 10 minutes and your thoughts to paper. You might be shocked at how good it feels to get it out of your mind.


Sometimes our sleep problems come from mineral deficiencies that can wreak havoc on our ability to fall asleep despite an otherwise balanced routine. Magnesium deficiencies are highly common (an estimated 40% of the population is deficient).Maintaining adequate magnesium levels aids in an enormous amount of bodily processes including dealing with stress, managing anxiety, getting quality sleep and much more. A magnesium deficiency can be tested by your doctor via a simple blood test, be sure to consult your doctor before trying any supplements. You can also try eating foods naturally high in magnesium, some of these include: spinach, quinoa, almonds, dark chocolate and avocado.

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