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Bedding Expert Peri Lauren's Ritual for Relaxation

Crawling into bed in anticipation of a restful night's sleep is arguably one of the greatest feelings in the world. We love learning from our community, especially when it comes to winding down and relaxing before bed. We asked bedding expert Peri Lauren of Peri Lauren Interiors to let us in on her tips for feeling her best before bed. Read through to learn more!

As a bedding designer, I have spent a lot of time in bed and testing sheets!  So many people ask me “what’s the secret to a good nights sleep?”

While I am no sleep expert, here are a few ideas and my suggestions that can help you catch some good zzz’s! 

Get Ready for Bed

Once I’m washed up I get into my pajamas. Make sure you have good sleepwear!  If you are uncomfortable in your pajamas, you will not sleep/rest well. I LOVE my KIP pajamas as they are so soft and comfortable - I feel free and cozy and ready for a good night’s sleep the moment I put them on! They are the perfect pajamas to slip into before I get into bed as they are made from the most amazing soft cotton which immediately relaxes me!

Premium Cotton Pajama Set in Lavender


I try to put my phone down as soon as I get into bed as I feel I’ve been on it all day so I need to give my eyes and brain a much needed rest. I will watch a little TV or read until I’m ready to fall asleep. I also always have a warm glass of water with lemon on my night table as I find this soothing and relaxing like my own private spa! 

Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

Invest in Good Bedding

My bedding is another part of my good night’s sleep routine. I created bedding that is easy for bed making but is also so luxurious.  Sleeping on good sheets is as important as being comfortable in your pajamas as you spend so much time in your pajamas and your bed! 

Cotton Sheet Set
Peri Lauren Interiors

Rest and Reset

Get a good night’s sleep! Even if you lay in bed for a while, it will immediately relax your body. We all have so much going on every day, it’s so important for so many reasons to get as much rest as possible. So get into bed at a time when you can sleep or even relax for at least 7-8 hours. Your body will get used to it and thank you!

Sereni(tea) Sleep Tea

Be sure to check out Peri @perilaureninteriors and shop all her sheet sets at

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