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There has never been a better or more important time for creating a sanctuary for sleep. Many of us may be working from our beds, getting inadequate sleep as a result of stress, or maybe just have a hard time winding down in general. We feel that creating an environment that promotes relaxation and calm energy is a sure fire way to get us in the right headspace for a fabulous eight hours. With that said, we’ve rounded up our essentials for a relaxing and sleep-inducing bedroom environment. 

Comfortable Bedding

    This one’s a no brainer. There is literally no worse feeling than climbing into stiff, starchy or itchy sheets. End of story. Investing in high quality bedding made of natural fabrics like this linen set from Flax Sleep will have you yearning to crawl into bed hours before bedtime.

    Scent Story

      Part of creating the ideal sleep environment includes setting the mood with the right scent. Our Soy Sleep Candle induces a soothing and relaxing state with notes of citrus and ginger. We like to light it at least half an hour before lights out to ensure its calming scent reaches every corner of the room.

      Night Light

        If you’re anything like us, you appreciate completely uninterrupted, sensory-deprivation style sleep. We love using our Silk Sleep Masks to block out any slivers of light (including your partner’s late night scrolling habit). 


        Temperature Control

          In addition to complete darkness, we feel that temperature drastically affects the quality of our sleep. Nobody deserves to wake up mid-REM cycle drenched in their own sweat. Turning down the temperature before heading to bed has been proven to aid in sleep quality, experts say anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal for sleeping. 

          Comfortable Clothing

            It’s no secret that what you wear to bed has a huge impact, not only on your physical comfort, but also your mental state. We feel that changing into our KIP. PJs reminds our brains that it's time for bed. Likewise, slipping into one of our premium cotton robes post-bath or first thing in the AM gives us the feeling of being in a 5 star resort in our own homes.

            Throw Down

            In order to fully indulge, we like to opt for breathable but warm throw blankets and soft, silky pillows. Adding in these elements brings style and coziness to any room, plus they make cold winter nights that much more bearable.


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