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Founders We Fancy: Ceilidh Costello

Welcome to Founders We Fancy, a series where we feature the female-identifying founders and leaders who inspire us. Part of our commitment to helping women find rest includes lifting each other up by promoting other female-founded businesses. On this very special Mother's Day edition of Founders We Fancy, our guest, Toronto beauty maven Ceilidh Costello, shares some insight on becoming a new mother, her must-haves for self-care, and tips for new mums! Read through to find out more...

Get To Know Me:

1. Name, Location, and Occupation:

Ceilidh Costello, Toronto, Ontario. Founder of Costello Beauty Studio and butter. Silk.

2. Current Beauty/Wellness/Self-Care Obsession(s):

So many good ones but I’ll go with what comes to my mind immediately. So I recently got Good Genes by Sunday Riley and I am pretty obsessed with how it brightens my face. I also would NEVER sleep without my butter. Mulberry Silk pillowcase, it makes the world of difference for my hair and skin. I love palo santo at night, it helps me let go of the energy from the day. Last but not least, Kérastase Genesis Scalp Serum I use pretty much daily on my scalp in the front for hair growth. After having a baby I was terrified of loosing hair so I use the entire Genesis system which I carry in my studio!

3. My favourite way to spend time with my daughter:

I love meal time, and also mornings and bedtime, and during the day so basically all of the time I get to spend with her… How typical of me to say!! I didn’t technically get a mat leave because I own two businesses, so I genuinely adore my time with her. We always eat together, it’s so incredible to see her brain develop and grow and figure out what she likes and doesn’t like with her little facial expressions. We have a special routine together at bed time, and when she gets tired and nuzzles in my chest after her bottle and book it just melts my heart. Watching her play and try to understand how her toys work, or when we go to the swings, she screams with happiness and its the most precious thing.


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4. The most rewarding part of being a mother is:

To me, is knowing she chose me as her mother, and I am so grateful she did.

5. One piece of advice for new or expectant moms?

Expectant moms - You are a vessel for a human being, you have no control over your body. The sooner you accept that, the happier and more easy going you’ll be with everything along the journey.

New moms - As a new mom you need to be present with your body and listen to it. What does your body need? Sleep, water, food, nourishment? Ask for help. You are not alone. If you are sad, cry and release the tears. The first few months of hormone fluctuations can be scary and it’s okay. There’s a lot of Facebook mom groups, call a friend, family, or just send me a DM. You will make mistakes. Don’t be hard on yourself. Be present for you, and be present for your child. They need a healthy nourished you.


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Rapid-fire Questions:

1. Early mornings or late nights?

Early mornings.

2. When I sleep: silent & dark or noise machine & night light:

Dark room, white noise.

3. I wake up every morning with: a very strong coffee or a morning meditation:


4. I feel most rejuvenated after: a full night’s sleep or a day spent with my partner/family:

Full nights sleep.


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You can follow Ceilidh on Instagram & @ceilidhcostello and butter. Silk

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