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A regular pre-bed reading practice is shown to be a great way to prep the brain for sleep. Our busy team members love to find time to settle in with a book before hitting the hay. There's so many amazing reads we've been into throughout the last year, it's hard to pick a top three! We asked the team to give their most recent book recommendations for any of our fellow book-lovers! Read through below to see what reads the girls at KIP. have been loving!


During the pandemic, I’ve done a lot of self discovery & reflection with this time at home. This book was so good at giving the tools, tips and stories for the self improvement I wanted to work on. Highly recommend!


How To Do The Work

The Midnight Library

If you’re typically a non-fiction lover like I am, this is an easy way to try something new and dip your toe into fiction. Nora’s rollercoaster of a journey takes readers through her alternate realities to experience all the different outcomes that her life could have taken. This book serves as an important reminder to appreciate the present and encourages readers to reflect on what leading a fulfilling life looks like to them

Business Lead

Brand Specialist

This heartfelt novel by Kiley Reid has been one I've recommended to dozens of others. The story is engaging, dynamic and insightful. I love how Reid incorporates just a touch of humour and irony into this story, yet simultaneously teaches powerful lessons through thought-provoking content. If you're looking for a witty and mind-expanding read, Such a Fun Age is definitely for you.


Such a Fun Age

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