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Astrology 101: Q&A with Astrologer, Natalie Holbrook

Astrology is arguably one of the hottest topics of the moment. But beyond your generic newspaper horoscope, the study of astrology can reveal some pretty interesting things about our lives and personalities. In this fun Q&A, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Astrologer, Natalie Holbrook of Natalie Holbrook Wellness, answers our burning astrology questions and gives us some tips for newbies interested in the field.

As an astrologer, can you tell us a bit about what you do and why you do it?

Astrology is the bridge between magic and science, and an ancient technique used for thousands of years that helps us to understand not only our own souls and purpose, but our deepest needs, how to nourish ourselves and others, and acts as a guiding compass for our lives. 


I work with all different types of people on understanding and decoding their unique charts and everything that comes with it: what their soul signed up to learn during this human experience, relationships, compatibility, career paths, work environments, where to live, timing for moving, launching business projects, and best dates for monumental life events. We can even see where a person may have the best energy for traveling! 


I work with people individually on learning their charts, teach Astrology to groups, and will be launching my Cosmic Awakening School of Astrology in the Fall! I also host events and meditations coinciding with the Zodiac seasons to help you understand the current Cosmic Climate and how to best utilize this frequency.


I do what I do because I couldn’t not! I never actually set out to be an Astrologer. I was working as a Holistic Nutritionist in Santa Monica, CA and always say that Astrology was like a remembrance to me. I learned it at rapid speed as if it was downloaded and activated from a past life, and now feel it is a part of my karmic duty to share the magnitude and transformational power of understanding yourself with as many people as I can.   

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Can you explain how natal charts can be used as a map for understanding yourself?

Your natal chart is your Cosmic Blueprint. It is a beautiful map of where all of the planets, constellations and stars were the moment you took your first breath. It is truly magnificent that we have this ancient tool to help guide us through life! 


Although many of us just know our sun signs (birthdays), we all have 12 Zodiac signs that live within us and rule an important area of our life. There are 10 planets, plus your rising sign and a few other points in the sky that represent destiny, career, relationships, how to heal your wounds, etc, that play out in an energy of each sign. For example, whichever sign Venus is in, will display what you need in partnership, how you give love, how you wish to receive love, plus all you desire. Where the Moon is placed determines your inner wiring, your core needs, emotions, your mother, subconscious thoughts and intuition. We can peel back so many layers on understanding why we are the way we are and work with the divinity that each of us holds within.   

How would you describe the connection between self-care/self-love and astrology?

I believe the two go hand in hand! Knowing your own birth chart is one of the greatest forms of self-love, because it truly helps you to recognize and have full permission to express the intricate inner-weavings of your soul. Understanding yourself begets the gift of giving compassion to yourself, and when we choose to love and nurture, rather than judge, hate upon or self-destruct, is when our lives, and all the magic waiting for us, begins.


Understanding your birth chart allows you to recognize and validate your own uniqueness and authenticity, and to stop comparing yourself to others, which kills all courage and creativity! It offers a new set of eyes and confirmation on the dreams you had as a kid. We have the dreams and goals we do for a reason, and your Astrology chart usually exudes that. 

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What can someone who is new to astrology do to get started with understanding their connection to the stars?

The first thing is to get a copy of your birth chart and begin exploring your planetary and house placements. You can map your chart on my website From there, I recommend getting a reading, checking out an Astrology Guide, or visiting different websites with these interpretations or listening to YouTube channels. For example, you can pull your chart and see where all of the planets are, in which sign (the energy it is playing out in), and the house (the area of life it’s magnified in). For example, this chart here is a Taurus Sun in the 10th house, a Leo Rising (1st house) and its Moon is in Gemini in the 11th house. To learn about this, I recommend exploring with phrases, “Moon in Gemini,” or “Moon in 11th House” on various blogs and video channels.

I personally don’t recommend following too closely along to horoscope-based apps, as they can sometimes be fear inducing and persuade us to fear the worst, as human brains are naturally conditioned to do.  


I believe everyone should invest in a Soul Purpose reading! You will begin to understand your chart and your natal energies, and from there can continually journey deeper into things like your inherent needs, dreams, talents, the challenges you are faced with and the lessons you are being asked to learn, and even energies like how to best make money, important dates, relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc, and even where you might have the best experiences traveling.


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As a Taurus with a Gemini moon, how do you personally use astrology to influence how you take care of yourself?

Since my Sun energy is Earth, and my Moon is Air, I have a balance of needing a lot of grounding with a lot of mental stimulation! Throughout my life I was very confused at what I needed or wanted, and when I understood Astrology, it allowed it to all click.


My Taurus Sun is calm and has a deep need for grounding… and a lot of sleep! Being close to and spending lots of time in nature is an absolute must. Even the smallest thing like laying on (real) grass for 20 minutes helps me to feel refreshed. And, I wouldn’t be a Taurus if I also didn’t absolutely love pampering myself, with high quality clothes, including pajamas like KIP, luxurious baths, massages, facials and lots of chocolate.  


The best self-care for my Gemini Moon is journaling. I have to get my thoughts and feelings out into something or else I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! (Zoolander, anyone?!) This is true for all Air signs, that it is a must to either communicate your feelings and ideas with another human, or release them through a creative outlet. Many famed lyricists including Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks and rappers Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G., TuPac and Kendrick Lamar, are Geminis. It is bustling with motion of the mind that needs to be transmuted into a project or artform. 


Knowing Astrology is a game changer in terms of self-care, because you can luxuriate in all that you are! It is re-affirming, fun and validating for us all to live, act and simply be aligned to our core essence.  

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