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Pillow Talk with Stephanie Gee

As trailblazers in the skincare and cosmetics industry with their brand GEE Beauty, the Gee women represent ambition, passion and strength in everything that they do. We're kicking off our Pillow Talk with... series with an interview with style and beauty expert, Stephanie Gee, on the success of the GEE Beauty empire and how she takes time to invest in rest.

Pillow Talk with Stephanie Gee

Stephanie Gee


Stephanie is wearing our Premium Cotton Set in Champagne, Silk Sleep Mask in Gold & Home Slippers


As a co-founder of Gee Beauty, you work alongside your mother and sisters. What’s it like working together so closely on a daily basis?


It’s amazing! As business partners, we each have a different set of skills that compliment one another and allow us to accomplish a wide variety of elements in our company. We are in constant communication, which enables us to work together between cities (Toronto and Miami) and share a desire for growth that continues to propel us forward!


Gee Beauty has a cult following in Toronto and Miami – what do you attribute that success to?


It’s an honour to hear that. As a company, we recognize that we could not be Gee Beauty without our clients. Client experience is our #1 priority and we are always working to enhance our client service. We are also big believers in practicing gratitude. We are very grateful to do what we love and we never lose sight of that.


What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned while building your brand?


Show up. Personally, work has always been a significant source of purpose that has pushed me through challenging times and brought me life changing opportunities durning periods of growth. I believe that showing up is half the battle and the more present you are (mind and body) the more growth will come. 


You’ve said that you view beauty as practice of creating the best version of yourself from the inside out. What role does sleep play in that practice?


A significant one! Sleep is essential for growth, beauty, wellness and clarity. More important than the hours of sleep, the quality of sleep is what enables cell regeneration, optimal digestion and cellular repair. Having a nighttime routine of skincare, a warm tea, mediation/reading and limiting screen time are a few of my best practices to prepare me for a restful sleep. 


It’s often easy to equate a lack of sleep with success and productivity – as a busy business owner, what are your thoughts on that?


Having a quality nights sleep allows me to be a more productive, connected and positive person and leader. Everyone is different but for me, having a restful sleep gives me the energy to conquer the business day ahead! 


What is your advice to women who want to invest in rest? 


Do it! It’s so worth it. You cannot pour from an empty pot and rest is one of the most important ways to give back to yourself - body, mind and spirit. 



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